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Once you signup as a member youre entitled to all the features and benefits of the system including point and click ordering of free coffee samples. Just log into your account and browse all the free coffee samples, when you find one that interests your taste buds and you would like to fill your cup simple click the button to add to your list.

Once you add a coffee sample to your list our distributors receive notification to ship out the coffee sample. Heres the fun part. Once you receive the coffee sample its your job to review it! By reviewing the coffee samples you give other coffee consumers an open eyed consumer view of the coffee so that they can receive a free sample or go out and buy it.

Reviewing coffee is fun and easy! Our system will follow up with you, let it know when you receive the free sample and when you have tried it. Using our simple review form you can generate a complete review for other consumers to read, rate it the way you taste it. Its all up to you, your taste buds, your style, your review.

Even better, the more Coffee Samples you review, you earn credits, these credits allow you to receive special coffee samples that are limited orders, or higher end that costs the Coffee Companies more to mail out. We want to keep you rewarded and drinking the freshest blends of coffee.

Did we get you wanting to try a new coffee?

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